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Sutjeska National Park

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The oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sutjeska National Park, 73311 Tjentište

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it covers an area of 17,500 hectares and serves as the home of Mountain Maglic.


 Sutjeska River makes its way through the heart of this national park. The park’s mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and preserved wildlife are among the most magnificent in Europe. It is part of the Dinarides mountain range that is stretches deep into the Balkan Peninsula to Prokletije on the border with Montenegro and Albania.

In the National Park Sutjeska is the home to an immense wealth of flora and fauna. Therefore, this area was and still is very attractive to many scientists, botanists, geologists, zoologists, and forestry experts. The rich flora includes more than a hundred species of edible mushrooms as well as a large number of rare, vulnerable and endangered species.

One of the toughest battles during the National Liberation War of the Yugoslav people, known as the Fifth enemy offensive or Battle of Sutjeska, took place here. There is a monument in the park in the memory of the fallen soldiers called Tjentiste.

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Drive: Sarajevo-Trnovo-Brod na Drini-National Park Sutjeska