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Swiss Game Museum, Vevey, Switzerland

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Educational and fun

Rue du Château 11 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

The Swiss Game Museum is unlike any other museum in that it is dedicated entirely to the pursuits of games. It is almost mandatory that when you visit a new city you do a tour of its museums. As one who has walked through a fair amount of museums, I know that after a while, you almost lose the ability to be surprised. That is if you haven’t visited the Swiss Game Museum. To put it simply, it is good honest fun even as it is educational. The Swiss Game Museum has games of all sorts dating back far into history and all the way into modern fames. The games are arranged by themes which are games of skill and chance, educational games, simulation and strategic games. The museum itself is housed in a very lovely French architecture château on the lakeshore, which is a 20 minute walk due east of Quai Perdonnet. Visitors can play with or participate in several game including the outdoor ones. It is a small little place really in as far as museums go but it is a great destination to bring kids or let out your inner child.

Opening hours

11am - 5.30pm Tuesday-Sunday