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Tabula Traiana

Tabula Traiana“ von Rlichtefeld - Eigenes Werk. Lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons.
Tabula Traiana
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The memorial plaque of the Roman Emperor Traian

19220 Donji Milanovac

Tabula Traiana is a Latin inscription carved into a rock above the Danube river, in the area of the Djerdap gorge. The plaque is a part of the ensemble of Roman monuments in the so-called Roman road, which also includes the remains of the bridge built by Traian over the Danube river.
The length of the monument is 3.20 meters and width is 1.80 meters. It is decorated with reliefs of two dolphins, six petal roses and an eagle with outstretched wings. Below the inscription is a depiction of a kneeling figure, probably Danubius, the river-God.
The table with inscription dates back to the war campaign of Emperor Traian against the Dacians tribes who lived northern of the Danube river.
The construction of the Power Plant Djerdap in 1963 to1972 had submerged the Roman road.
In 1969, the memorial plaque, together with a part of the road, was cut out and transported to a higher level in order to protect it from the increased water levels in the Danube caused by the construction of the Power plant.
The text was interpreted to mean:
Emperor Caesar son of the divine Nerva, Nerva Trajan, the Augustus, Germanicus, Pontifex Maximus, invested for the fourth time as Tribune, Father of the Fatherland, Consul for the third time, excavating mountain rocks and using wood beams has made this road.

How to get there

Highway Belgrade-Nis exit Smederevo and by road to Pozarevac-Donji Milanovac and National Park Djerdap