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Tampa Mountain

Photo credit: Alex Pănoiu / Foter / CC BY
Tampa Mountain
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Unique due to the fact that is located at the core of Brasov City and offers an extraordinary view of the surroundings

Old City, Brasov
From the top of Tampa you can get to Postavaru Mountain (1799 m), and if you decide so, there are special trails to help you get there.
Cable Car Roundtrip, around 3.8 Euros

Part of The Postavaru Massif, Tampa is a mountain that is almost entirely surrounded by Brasov City. It is 960 m high and 400 m above the city and it is famous for the Hollywood – style sign on the top.


Rare animal and plant species are inhabitants of the mountain and among them there are to mention the red squirrel, the golden eagle, the gray wolf – and plants such as wood anemone, lady’s slipper, Iris and many others.


Archeologists found evidence of the mountain being inhabited by people since Dacian times. The original defense fortress was built here (Brasovia Citadel) in the time of Teutonic knights, with the aim to give shelter to the families in Brasov from Tatar raids.


The mountain overlooks the entire city. Tourists can reach the top of the mountain by cable car or by foot, depending on their desire.


Once you make it to the top, a stunning view of the city, divided in two (the old part of the city and the new one), will appear around you.

Opening hours

Cable car: 09:30 - 17:00
Note: Closed on Mondays

How to get there

Tampa Mountain is located at the core of Brasov, a city 2h and 40 minutes far from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. You can travel by car or train from any city of Romania to Brasov.

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