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Tara National Park

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National park of outstanding beauty

National Park Tara

Mountain Tara is located in the western part of Serbia and covers an area of 19.175 ha. Tara mountain is declared a National park in 1981 and protected by the State. The park has great geomorphologic and geologic diversity, specific hydrological features of natural and anthropogenic origin. All these elements have contributed to the richness of the flora and also there is a great number of endemic and relic species of plants. The most interesting relic species of the National Park Tara is the Serbian spruce (Picea Spruce), which was found and described by Josif Pancic, famous Serbian scientist.
Tara National Park with Zaovine (Landscape of outstanding features) and Nature Park Mokra Gora was nominated by the UNESCO MAB Committee as a potential biosphere reserve. Area of Tara National park is inhabited over 5o species of mammals, 140 species of birds, 23 species of amphibians and reptiles and 19 species of fish. Also here is the largest population of brown bears in Serbia.
National Park Tara is characterized by many canyons and gorg­es, caves, bays, sinkholes, combs. The most prominent feature is the canyon of the Drina river, 38 km long and 1000 m deep.

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The shortest route from Belgrade to Tara is via Valjevo and Bajina Bašta, which is 180 km long. The nearest railway station is on the mountain Tara in Braneško Polje which is on the railway route Belgrade - Bar.