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Tartini Square

Photo credit: szeke via / CC BY-SA
Tartini Square
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Starting point for exploring Piran hidden treasures

Tartinijev trg
6330 Piran - Pirano
There are loads of restaurants near Tartini Square, you can have from pizza to chocolates, anything you want. There are loads of cafes and pubs to hang out as well.

Some say all roads lead to Rome but in Piran, they say: »all roads lead to Tartini square«. Tartini square is a vibrant small square in the center of old fisherman town called Piran. From there you can access all the important sights and little shops in this small town. In the center of the square lies a statue of a famous composer Giuseppe Tartini, surrounded with a store of Slovenian chocolate, salt product shop, “Benečanka” house, Tourist information center, City hall and plenty of interesting small cafes and pubs. Square is situated next to the water and it is an excellent starting point for exploring Slovenian sea.


Tartini square was actually once an »inside« port for smaller ships with huge importance. Most of the important city buildings were located here. Port was later buried up, probably because of its closed location, which disables the water flow and eventually causes terrible smells. Square was built in 1894.

The bronze statue, dedicated to famous Piran`s violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini was added in the center of the square in 1896. Tartini was one of the most popular composers and his birth house was located right next to the Tartini square. He was known as the composer of one of the most challenging compositions for violin, as the founder of music school, and as a very gratefully respected musician.

Entrance to the Tartini square is embellished with two columns. On one of the columns you can see a statue of winged lion of St. Marko and two Latin inscriptions, dedicated to the saint and to protector of the city Segredo Ludovico. The left side of this column features the coat of arms of Piran and the official metric values. On the other column, you will see St. George on the horse, another protector of the city and inscription dedicated to Piran as being a part of Slovenia. Two coats of arms can be seen in this column, one of the family Malipiero and the second which is of unknown origin.

Tartini square is a local hotspot and tries to head here after the sundown, to see where locals will spend their night or spend some time in one of the trendy bars from where you will be able to observe the dazzling atmosphere of this marine city.

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Popular saying among locals is: All roades lead to Tartini square! And this is definitely true in Piran. You will find your way to the square no matter where you are.