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"Tašmajdan Park" by LukaP at en.wikipedia - Own work. Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Quadell using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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Beautiful city park in Belgrade

Tasmajdan bb, 11000 Belgrade

In Tasmajdan park many historical events took place. The park is beautifully decorated with many amenities for children and young people. Name Tašmajdan comes from the Turkish language. Word “tash” means stone and “majdan” means quarry. In the ancient times here existed quarry, and according to the archaeological research the Romans used stone from Tasmajdan for building fortress and making sarcophagus. A few meters below ground there are remains of 2 millenia old water supplying system. The area of the park has long been an old cemetery.
Tašmajdan caves, which have recently been opened to the public, are hiding history of two thousand years ago to the present days. In the Second World War they were used as shelters and later as one of the first modern underground shelters in Belgrade.
The area of Tasmajdan was turned into the park in 1954. At Tašmajdan park there are several city attractions: the church of Sv. Marco (built in 1931-1936), the Russian Church (1924), the Main Post Office (1934), Sport and recreational complex “Tašmajdan”, hotels “Tas” and “Metropol Palace”, restaurants “Madera” and “Last chance” …

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The park is located 200 m by walk from the National Assembly.