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Telascica Nature Park

  • (no stars)
  • 3-5 km
  • Moderate
  • Average
  • 2 hours

A natural reserve that features incredible marine wildlife

Telašcica, Croatia

Nature Park Telascica features three basic phenomena: Telascica Bay (considered the largest and safest natural port on the Adriatic), the cliffs of Dugi Otok (which rise to 200 meter above sea level and descend to a depth of 90 meters below sea level), and the salty Lake Mir (which is said to contain medicinal properties).

Telascica Bay is situated in the southeastern part of Dugi Otok island, which is surrounded by thirty islands and islets, and includes six islands within the bay. It was proclaimed a natural reserve in 1988 and became a protected area in 1980 thanks to its exceptionally valuable flora and fauna, geological and geomorphological phenomena, the valuable ecosystem in its seabed, and its interesting archaeological heritage.

Opening hours

During daylight

How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Split, exit Zadar and continue by ferry to Sali and Nature Park Telascica