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Teotihuacan Pyramids

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The largest and most mysterious archeological site in Mesoamerica

Carretera Ecatepec Pirámide KM 22+600, Teotihuacán de Arista, Mexico
Snacks are offered there but at high prices, so take your lunch with you! / There is also a fantastic restaurant called "La Gruta" inside a cave.
Get a bird's eye view of the pyramids by riding a hot air balloon over them.

The Teotihuacan Culture was a precolumbian civilization in Mesoamerica. Little is known about Teotihuacan’s inhabitants, but it is believed to have been a multi-cultural city where many dinasties recided throughout the years, including Zapotecs, Mexicas and Totonacas. Its name can be translated to “the city of the gods” or “where the gods are born”.


Its reigns extended all the way down to Guatemala, making it the largest prehispanic city in mesoamerica.  Teotihucan is the most visited archeological site in Mexico, even more so than Chichen Itzá.


Not much is known about this site despite it being one of the most studied places in Mexico and overall Latin America.


Around the year 750 A.D., Teotihuacan was invaded and mostly destroyed, but it is not yet clear by whom.


Information on the pyramids:

Pyramid of the Sun

The largest pyramid on the site and one of the biggest in Mesoamerica, standing at 64 meters (208 ft.) high. Archeologists estimate that it was finished around the year 200.It is widely believed that, if you make a wish at the top of the pyramid, it will become true. It is also said to provide cosmic energy to whoever stands on its top.


Pyramid of the Moon

Slightly shorter and smaller than the Pyramid of the Sun but equally impressive.
Recent findings inside the pyramids have given clues about the mysterious civilizations of Teotihuacan. Several artifacts were found as well as a tomb for a goddess. Four human skeletons as well as a jaguar skeleton, and the bodies of different animals were found as well and they are believed to have been a sacrifice for the goddess.

Teotihuacan is undoubtetly one of the most impressive and mysterious sites in the world and you certainly do not want to miss it. A side recommendation – go during a week day as it gets really crowded on Saturdays and Sundays.

The entrance ticket costs $59 pesos and it includes access to the museum as well.


Opening hours

9:00 - 16:30 / Closed on Mondays

How to get there

Bus: In Mexico City, take the metro to "Autobuses Del Norte" station on the yellow line. Buses to Teotihuacan leave from there every thirty minutes and cost roughly $8 for the round trip.