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Photo credit: smartphotomoments / Foter / CC BY
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A quaint village near Mexico City

There is a market is a village with numerous food stands offering traditional Mexicans dishes such as chilaquiles, quesadillas, sopes, barbacoa and more. The municipal market is known for its food stands selling traditional dishes asquesadillas, sopes, pambazos, and tacos as well as barbacoa, and carnitas.

Note: Tepotzotlán is not to be confused with Tepozltán.


Tepotzotlán is a quaint town located between Mexico City and the Santiago de Querétaro which has conserved most of its colonial look and is a great weekend escape from the crowded capital. The name of the village, Tepozotlán, derives from the Nahuatl language and it means “among humpbacks”, which refers to the shape of the surrounding hills. Many Aztec glyphs are found throughout the area and the oldest one depicts a humpback person sitting on a hill.


Points of interest in the village:

Museum of the Viceroyalty (Museo del Virreinato), which holds one of the largest collections from the Colonial era in Mexico. Every day items from the period such as tools, textiles are silverware are just some of the things you will find in the museum.


The Church of San Francisco Javier – Situated next to the Museum of Viceroyalty (in fact, it is no longer used for religious purposes and it is now part of the museum) is the gorgeous church built in a baroque style that dates back to the year 1525.


The Aqueduct of Xalpa – Built between the 18th and 19th century (its construction was first begun by the Jesuits and it remained unfinished for a long time when they were expelled), it is the highest aqueduct in Latin America with a height of 61 meters. The aqueduct carries water from the Oro River to the village and it has become a monument due to the arches that decorate it.


Xochitla – An ecological park located near Tepotzotlán featuring gorgeous flower-filled gardens and numerous activities.


On weekends, markets arise in the city celling gorgeous items including artworks, crafts, furniture and more.