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A magical town and a famous hiking destination

The ice creams of Tepozotán are especially famous for their taste. Make sure to try one of the many ones sold all over the town on stalls!

Tepoztlán (not to be confused with Tepozotlán in the State of Mexico) is a town located in the state of Morelos and a popular weekend destination for the people who reside in Mexico City and its surroundings. Its mayor attraction is Tepozteco, the mountain surrounding the town and the ruins of a pyramid built on top of it.




Tepoztlán is considered magical and well connected to nature for its legends. A myriad of legends circle around the town and especially the mountain.

A famous legend tells the story of a lady who got magically pregnant and when her child was born, her grandma made every attempt to get rid of it without success. Some of the methods she tried was throwing the baby from a cliff, but the wind carried it to a safe place. The next was leaving it near magueyes (plants with sharp leaves), but instead of harming the baby, the leaves curled to provide him water. The next attempt was throwing it into an anthill, but instead of eating him, the plants fed him.




Tepoztán Carnival is celebrated every year and it starts four days before miércoles de ceniza (between Feburary 1st and March 6th). The whole town dresses up in colorful, traditional costumes and celebrates with dances, parties and more.


El Reto de Tepozteco is another festivity celebrated here around mid September since around the year 1850 to remember the change of religion the village endured to Catholicism.