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Terme Lasko, waterpark and resort

Terme Lasko, waterpark and resort
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Modern high-class resort with fantastic waterpark and wellness center with Ayurvedic treatment programs

Zdraviliska cesta 6, Lasko, Slovenia
Terme Lasko is famous for it's gastronomic offer, pampering guests with the diversity of tastes in 4 restaurants and 4 cafes. Taking constant care about your health, nutri professionals has evaluated a wide range of menus, from classic one to special diet prescriptions and even Ayurvedic culinarics. Whatever you choose, you'll always enjoy the best quality products, creative serving and unforgettable tastes and aromas. It's a daily duty of resort's pastry department to create wide variety of sweet delicacies, for a classic menu as well as for special needs and preferences - gluten-free, soy, low calories, raw, etc.
Wellness center in Lasko is highly recommended for Ayurvedic adepts, or those who is just curious about. Beer-lovers, be careful and don't miss visiting the neighbor town Lasko where the second largest Slovenian brewery is located. If traveling in July, Beer & Flower Festival is definitely a must! If you plan to stay in one of the hotels at Terme Lasko and this is mainly a leisure trip (spa, pools, etc) hotel Thermana Park Lasko Superior is highly recommended. Hotel Zdravilisce Lasko could be preferred if medical treatment within Terme Lasko medical center is planned and you may need 24 h medical support.
Hotel stay from 40 eur per person / night, waterpark for those not staying at Terme Lasko hotels 12 - 14 eur per 1 - adult, 7 - 9 eur for kid, dinner starting from 10 eur per person.

Terme Lasko resort is located in a picturesque place by the small town Lasko, with a view on Sava river.


Modern and recently renovated, the resort, however, could be proud with it’s long wellness and medical tradition. Nowadays people mostly arrive here to spend a couple of days (actually the more the better) in the relaxing atmosphere of one of the best Slovenian resorts with thermal water.


With no doubt, one of the main attractions of the resort is Thermal Centre built recently by the hotel Thermana Park Lasko Superior. Indoor pool complex of Terme Lasko is famous for its unusual architecture design: the complex is covered with a magnificent glass dome, which opens in summer thus giving guests opportunity to enjoy sunbathing when the weather allows to.


The pools in Lasko are supplied with natural thermal water coming from the depth of 160 m, with a natural temperature of 32- 34 C. The water helps detoxification, relaxing, harmonization of your body and soul, and has an extremely positive effect on the skin. Healing effects of Lasko water were investigated and proven by leading European medical organizations.


Indoor, “under the dome”, pools include:

  • Pool with waves effect
  • Recreation and massage pool with cascades and underground streams
  • “Fast river” pool
  • Kid’s entertainment park
  • Whirlpools
  • Waterslide


Outdoor facilities which are not in function during the cold season include:

  • Thermal pool connected with the indoor pool
  • Recreation swimming pool
  • Kid’s pool
  • Crystal- shaped massage pool
  • Water slide


In Thermal Center, one could also enjoy the gastronomic offer of the resort at a couple of indoor and outdoor bars and restaurants.


Pools are connected with sauna zones and wellness center, which is far from being just another one standard spa: Terme Lasko resort is proud to have an Ayurvedic treatment center, which is widely known to be the best of such kind not only in Slovenia but also in its neighbor Croatia.


Planning a visit to sauna and wellness center, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s as Terme Lasko have a highly professional animation team. Information about regular events is available daily at the entrance to the thermal center.


Professional sports and animation team of Lasko is also offering a swimming school service for adults, kids, and even babies. Early swimming program at Lasko is another thing which makes them so different, and very popular among families who have recently become parents.

Opening hours

Hotel reception 24 h, thermal center (pools and spa) 09.00 - 21.00 Sun - Thurs, and 09.00 - 23.00 Fr - Sat

How to get there

Resort Terme Lasko is situated 85 km from Ljubljana, and 95 km from Zagreb where the nearest international airports are located; please follow directions to Celje, and then to Lasko. It's also possible to arrive by car from Graz, Austria (120 km), Klagenfurt, Austria (135 km), from Trieste, Italy (155 km)