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"Valjevo, Tešnjar, pěší zóna" by Ову слику направио је корисник Википедије и Викимедије Оставе Aktron.Ако хоћете да је искористите требало би да наведете: Aktron / Wikimedia Commons.Ако хоћете да је искористите изван пројеката Викимедије, пошаљите ми поруку.Више фотографија можете да нађете у мојој галерији. cs en +/− cs en mk pl sr +/− - Сопствено дело. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Викимедијина остава.
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The old part of town Valjevo

Bircaninova, 14103 Valjevo
Since this is a very popular touristic area you can taste food in one of dozens of restaurants.

Tesnjar is the old town quarter of Valjevo and one of its most famous attractions. It is located on the right bank of the Kolubara River, which flows through the town.
Tesnjar is one of the few old quarters preserved in Serbia. It consists of one cobblestoned street that follows the flow of the Kolubara river, and several smaller streets that descend down the hill towards it. The majority of the houses were built in the 19th century and they are excellent examples of architecture from this period. In these objects were located shops, workshops, commercial and craft warehouses.
Today, Tešnjar with dozens of restaurants is a favorite place to hang out for the citizens of Valjevo and their guests. The most famous summer festival in Valjevo is “Tešnjar evenings”. Tešnjar evenings are international, cultural and tourist event. It is traditionally held every year in the August.

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By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Lazarevac-Valjevo, exit Valjevo