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Tha Pae Hot Springs

Tha Pae Hot Springs
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The only natural and the most popular Hot Springs in Pai.

Tha Pai Hot Springs Thailand
Pai is almost the same as Chiang Mai in terms of food. Thai food is widely available and so is western food. If you are on a budget stick to Thai delicacies such as Pad Thai, Pad Kra Pao, and Massaman curry. Or, you can try western food such a steaks and pizzas. Food is good everywhere but I really liked the Chicken steak at Amido's Pizza Cafe for 150 BAHT. The walking street/market area is a really good choice for street food variety. This also where most of the bars are.
The roads are smooth and nicely built yet tricky like any other mountain roads and Thais drive really fast, specially the motorcyclists. So be careful about walking or driving here. It is better to not go too fast.
Entry to Hot springs is 300 BHT and 100-200 BHt for Children (tourists).

Tha Pae hot springs is one of the most famous tourist spots in this little town of Northern Thailand. Though not the only hot springs in the area, but it is the only “natural” hot springs.


Located within the vicinity of Huai Nam Dang National Park, the hot springs is known to have therapeutic effects and is really good if you have sore muscles from walking too much (personally tried and tested). There are different levels, you start with the first one after entry and go farther up, however, nobody can actually reach till the last one – it;s 80 degree Celsius!


It is suggested that you come here on a cooler day because the water can get really warm because of all the sulphur present in it.


There are other opportunities like camping and picnic on the grounds surrounding the hot springs and is covered with greenery and massive trees, almost making you feel like you are inside a jungle (or wait! it is sort of a forest).


There are two restrooms one right after the ticket counter and another inside closer to the hot springs. You can use the restrooms to change into your swimming costume. There is a restaurant where you can get your snacks and water. Dustbins are placed all around the park to ensure cleanliness of the place and well, who would want to ruin such a beautiful place, right?


It is also a good place to go with the whole family and hang out at the hot springs a couple of hours and later have a family picnic.

Opening hours

08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

How to get there

It is not at all difficult to get to hot springs since the almost the whole road from Chiang Mai to Pai is signposted with banners of Tha Pai hotsprings. If you are already in Pai and prefer driving yourself to the hotsprings, you shoudl follow the road to Chiang Mai. You will cross Noi's Elephant Camp and Karen Eephant Camp on your left. Drive for a minute or two after Karen Elephant Camp and you will see the entrance to the Hot Springs to your left. Walking and cycling is only advisable if you are extremely fit and used to riding in the mountains and the roads can become extremely steep every now and then.

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