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Þakgil Canyon

Photo credit: sergejf / Foter / CC BY-SA
Þakgil Canyon
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  • 10+ km
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  • 2-3 days
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Every hiker's and nature lovers paradise

As I was visiting South Iceland, my breath was immediately taken away by the diversity of its landscape and I simply could not believe that such a relatively small region could encompass what turned out to be some of the most stunning sceneries I have every seen during my travels. Really, if you are into hiking, this is the place to be as the scenery changes from high, rough mountains, to black, extraordinary beaches, to wild glacial rivers and so on. One of the nicest spots I discovered to be great for hiking was Þakgil Canyon which is located in the area of Vík – nice and incredibly beautiful village in the Mýrdalur District.


Even though the site seems adjusted for tourists (and this factor usually is a bit of an issue for me as I prefer solitude instead of sharing my time with crowds of other travelers), it still is a place I would highly recommend visiting as it offers variety of stunning hiking trails of different lenght and difficulty levels and as many travelers have described it – the spot is really is a unique gem of South Iceland. In fact it is not as nearly crowded as the siteds of Golden Circle route which means that even “loners” like me will get their portion of excitement there.


Steep-moss covered mountains shelters the canyon but on the bottom of it there is a camping site and some huts meaning that you actually can spend a night in these remarkable surroundings (and if booking the hut timely – do it in the highest comfort). What I did was going hiking during the day (one of the best option is probably to chose a day-hike to Mýrdalsjökull Glacier which just stunned me) but in the evening I rested, enjoying the amazing views and midnight sun. I felt like I could go on like this forever so I ended up spending 3 nights exploring the area of Þakgil Canyon in different directions. The ride to the canyon was too a great experience since the scenery was constantly changing and turned more and more prodigious.

How to get there

The canyon is located just 5km from Vik which is the nearest village. To get there you have to turn from highway nr.1 in the direction of Höfðabrekka. Following the road you will soon see the sign locating Þakgil.