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The 7 Rila Lakes

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The 7 Rila Lakes
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A group of glacial lakes, located in the 'Rila' National Park

These are 7 beautiful glacial lakes which are located on different heights – from 2100 meters to 2500 meters in the Rila mountain. The lakes are connected with little brooks which form beautiful water cascades and waterfalls.


The names of the lakes show some of their features – the Kidney, the Fish lake and so on. The highest lake of the group is The Tear. The shallowest lake is The Fish lake and the deepest one – The Eye.


The 7 Rila lakes are one of the 100 National tourist sites and they are a very popular destination. The best time to visit them is in August because of the warmer weather.


No matter the season when you will be there, you need to bear in mind that this is a mountain. You have to be prepared for wind, rain and sun and be in good shape in order to reach and see all the lakes.


The most convenient route to the lakes involves taking the lift to the ‘Rilski lakes’ rest house. You cannot reach the rest house with your car because this is a national park and no cars are allowed. Taking the lift is a pleasant experience because you will be able to enjoy the fascinating views.


If you want to reach the highest lake – The Tear, you need to know that the path connecting The Eye lake and The Tear is narrow, steep, rocky and windy. You need to watch your feet constantly.


For this trip you will surely need solid shoes, a warm jacket, a bottle of water, some food, sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat and something to protect you from rain – a waterproof jacket or a raincoat. You would better go there in the summer, which will help you fully enjoy the magnificent nature.

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How to get there

You can take the lift from Panichishte or use the walking route from Maliovitsa.

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  • The 7 Rila Lakes
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The 7 Rila Lakes