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The Black Forest Open-Air Museum

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The most visited open-air museum in Germany

Vogtsbauernhof 1, 77793 Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn),

The Black Forest Open-Air Museum is located in Gutach and displays a variety farm building samples that were common during the 16th to 18th centuries and have been reassembled from other locations throughout the forest.


Within the buildings, the museum shows how the rooms were furnished and decorated during this time period. Nearly all of the buildings and structures include mills, sawmills, storehouses, a distillery, a chapel, fields, and kitchen and herb gardens. The life and technology used back then are both demonstrated for guests and sometimes guests can even take a part in them.


The Open-Air Museum has several special events held annually, such as Schlachtfest, an end-of-season fest; a Christmas market during the holidays; an annual exhibition dedicated to the culture and history of The Black Forest;


Opening hours

9:00 - 18:00