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The Church of Akureyri (Akureyrarkirkja)

Photo credit: Shadowgate / Foter / CC BY
The Church of Akureyri (Akureyrarkirkja)
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The symbol of the town and must-see Church

Eyrarlandsvegur, 600 Akureyri

Akureyrarkirkja has become the religious symbol of Akureyri and even for non-religious tourists, it is a must-see in Iceland.


The first thing that impresses foreign and local visitors alike is the aesthetically charming characteristics of the church and  how the graceful image of the church has blended in well with overall scenery of Akureyri.


Akureyrarkirkja was built in 1940 and it’s a Lutheran Church. The main interior elements of the church are organ pipes that were brought in from Germany in 1961, the bas-reliefs depicting events from the life of Jesus and a hand-made ship that is hanging from the ceiling and represents the old Nordic tradition.


There is also a gorgeous and impressive glass window placed at the center of chancel, which made its way to Akureyri from England. The windown was part of the former Coventry Cathedral before it was destroyed in WWII.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
10:00 - 16:00

June - September

October to May:


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