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The Dark Hedges

Photo credit: horslips5 / Source / CC BY
The Dark Hedges
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A mystifying road leading to a gorgeous mansion

Bregagh Road Ballymoney BT53 8TP United Kingdom

Located 50 miles from Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast along Bregagh Road, is a mystifying road decorated by twisted and intertwined beech trees that form an arch over it, known as the Dark Hedges.


The beech trees were planted by the Stuart family during the 18 century to impress the visitors who came to their mansion, the Gracehill House, which still exists today and now serves as a gulf course.


Legend has it that during dusk, the road becomes haunted by the Grey Lady, a ghost said to appear from the trees and walks along the road before disappearing as soon as the reaches the last tree.


The beauty of the road has inspired painters and photographers. Fun fact: it is the most photographed location in Northern Ireland.


Recently, The Dark Hedges was used as a filming location for the series Game of Thrones on Season 2, Episode 1: On the King’s Road.