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The Lost World of Vinča Culture

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA
The Lost World of Vinča Culture
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Discover the cradle of European civilizations

Belo Brdo 17, Vinča 11351

As a big fan of history, just imagine that standing on a place where people were hunting and living so many years ago. About 7000 years ago, in today’s Serbia, you could find a big settlement, bigger than all the settlements in the whole world in that period, in Vinča. Isn’t that interesting? Probably the first civilization that had used tools made of copper, was located in nowadays Serbia, which means that the Balkans were the cradle of later European cultures. There are marks of the first mines all over Serbia and other nearby countries from that period. Well, all that is wonderful – actually amazing – but, what now?


Lost World in Our Country

During the last 7 000 years, an awful many armies and tribes had marched through the Balkans, and every one of them had been tearing down the ancient neolithic Vinča culture, piece by piece. They were as ignorant as to what they were doing, as much as we are today. Not many people understood what they have in those historical sites, and not many people understand the importance of Vinča culture. For Serbia, this archeological site, among others, should be of the greatest importance. It proves that on this land, by these rivers, existed a civilization far progressive than any other of that time. And we really should use it, we should keep exploring it further, but what we have done is to discover only a part of it and stop there. During my conversations with other fans of history, I found out that only in Serbia there are so many sites from the period of  theVinča civilization (with some maybe even older), but our country simply does not have the will to support that research.


Life 7 000 Years Ago


Vinča represents a unique site, where you can find out how people lived 5 000 years BC. What were their customs, houses and how they worked. That civilization lasted about 1 000 years and left a deep mark in history of entire Europe. Vinča culture was probably the first culture that made tools of copper and used mines. They lived in communities and there was a large settlement on the Vinča location, which was larger and had more inhabitants than any other during that period of history. I personally think that importance of such old civilization is far bigger than we can imagine. The influence on later European cultures is really big, also, in my opinion, the borders of this civilization were much wider than history records it.


Here in Serbia we have something rare, we have archeological sites that provide us with valuable information from the past. Large parts of such information are changing our picture of history. We can only imagine what soil and dust hide deep under. Perhaps sometimes in the future, people will discover what Vinča culture really was and what influence it had on other, later cultures. In one sentence, we have a valuable site, and it should be fully researched and preserved for next generations.

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