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The Red Arrow, Lugano

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  • 1 hour or less

Great way to take in the city all at once

Hotel Victoria au Lac Via Generale Guisan 3, 6902 Lugano, Switzerland

La frecciarossa or The Red Arrow is a city touring service in Lugano that features a “train” of cars scooting you around Lugano city. The cars are made to look like vintage train cars and the distinctive red colour gives credence to the name The Red Arrow. This is one of those activities that has “tourist trap” written all over it if only because you could walk or ride a regular bus to almost the same places that the tour covers without paying the higher price tag. However like many things in life, it is about the experience and for 9 CHF, you are not breaking the bank to have someone take you around the key points of Lugano. The tour covers areas such as the Monte Brèand San Salvatore funiculars, the Lugano Casino and of course Lake Lugano. For newcomers, this is a great way to see some of the highlights of the city in 1 hour.

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