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The Three Castles of Bellinzona

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Some of the earliest fortifications in human history – still standing

Via Salita Castelgrande 18, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
Multiple restaurants available in Bellinzona

The Three Castles of Bellinzona are a group of castle fortifications situated in canton Ticino, Switzerland in the city of Bellinzona. The group consists of Castelgrande, Sasso Corbaro and Montebello. The Castelgrande is situated on a rocky summit overlooking the valley, using some fortified walls that join it to the Montebello and protect the old city. Historical records show the earliest inhabitation to date back to the Neolithic age however the oldest fortifications of the castle date back to the first century. Over the centuries, the castles have been fought over, used as strategic outposts for armies and changed hands several times depending on who was in power. The largest of the castles, Castelgrande can be reached via elevator from the bottom of the cliff upon which the castle is built. For the not so lazy, the castle can be reached by walk gradually up through the city streets. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000, the Three Castle of Bellinzona, are renowned throughout Switzerland. Tours to the castles can be booked from many cities like Lugano. The Lugano tour to the castles included the castles and the on-site museum with transport included so it is a convenient way to travel up to the castles.

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