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The Uvac River

By Anja Ignjatovic (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Uvac River
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The river Uvac is Serbian Colorado river.

Access to the canyon is restricted and can be entered only with an organized tour.

The river Uvac is famous for its meanders and is called Serbian Colorado. It starts from Golia mountain and flows through Pešter plateau. The river is 119 km long and for 10 km it follows the Serbian-Bosnian border and then flows into the river Lim in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Canyon of the river Uvac is so beautiful that in 2008 it was marked as one of the Serbian wonders of nature. Many tourists from around the world come for a boat ride on the Uvac river (or for cruising and kayaking) just to enjoy this fantastic landscape.


There is the Uvac Special Nature Reserve on more than 7500 hectares of the land around the river with the two lakes and the Ledena Cave.


The canyon of the Uvac river is home to a rare type of eagle called Griffon Vultures.