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The Zagreb Eye

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The Zagreb Eye is also known as 'Zagreb 360°', you can see the whole city from up there!

Zagreb, Croatia

The Zagreb Eye is also known as ‘Zagreb 360°’ because when you’re up there you can see the whole city all around! It’s located on the 16th floor of the Zagreb Skyscraper (also known as Ilica Skyscraper) which was built between 1957 and 1959. The ‘Zagreb 360°’ is an observation deck which is 182 m above the sea level. It also serves as a bar with an exceptional view of the whole city. It offers free wi-fi, is pet-friendly, and it is also accessible for the disabled.


The observation deck is also suitable for holding various events and it is open to visit almost every day of the year except when there is a private, business or protocol event going on. The prices aren’t cheap, but when you take into consideration that the view from up there is truly amazing and you can enjoy it while having a drink, it really pays off! The observation deck offers live piano music too, from 18:00 till 22:00!


This place is perfect for photographers who want to snap an idyllic photo of the city and its surrounding area, also if you’re a big romantic, this place is marvelous for a romantic date! You can visit this place from 10:00 till 22:00 every day, except on Friday and Saturday when they are open till 23:00.