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The Theatre Building Idrija

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The oldest still active theatre building in Slovenia

Trg sv. Ahacija 5
5280 Idrija

The small Theatre Building Idrija was once the pride and joy of Idrija. But today it is nothing more than just a reminder of a once very successful town which is now struggling to keep its residents.

The year in which Theatre Building Idrija was built is not exactly known. Historical documents place the building of the Theatre Building somewhere around 1770 – 1800, the time of a huge urban plan, dedicated to transforming this small mining city into a more urban and lively city for miners and their families.


It was the time of the “golden age” for Idrija and new plans were created to make the city bigger, better and more welcoming for new residents. New buildings were built, not just residential houses, but also other objects, for the needs of the mine and also for entertaining purposes.


One theory says the Theatre Building Idrija was built in the same year as the Magazin Building, with the leftover material. Although this is the oldest still active theater building in Slovenia, it is important to know it was rebuilt and redesigned many times.


The Theatre Building Idrija is now home to a small cinema hall, with occasional shows, lectures, and performances.

How to get there

Theatre Building Idrija is located on the Trg sv. Ahacija square, next to the Magazin building.