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Three Kings Church

By Hemant192 (งานของตัว) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Three Kings Church
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A complete haunted twist to Goa's otherwise beautiful beach life

Three Kings Church, Chandor, South Goa India
Schedule your trip to the church around January 6th as the day is celebrated as "The feast of the 3 kings".

Goa is known as the beach capital of India for obvious reasons – countless beaches, exhilarating beach life, carnivals, seafood, and an ultimate holiday environment. It is also one of the states in India which attracts the maximum number of foreign tourists. Imagine experiencing spine-chilling eerie activities at a place like this?


Three Kings Church, officially Our Lady of Remedios Chapel, is situated in a plush village of Goa called Chandor which is 15 km east of one of Goa’s most prominent locations – Margao. This small town is a perfect getaway from all the beach life madness if you want to break away from the monotony of it. It is also the perfect place for history buffs to know about the Goa’s former landowners’ lifestyle along with dereliction of some beautiful colonial-era mansions.


The church was established in 1599 by Fr Gonsalo  Carvalo S.J. and is affiliated with St Thomaqs Church, Cansaulim.


As the story goes, the state of Goa  was once inhabited by three Portuguese kings who often had disputes amongst them as to who should finally be the sole ruler of the region. However, they couldn’t take the disparities out in the public because of the limitation levied on them by Portuguese diplomacy between rulers policy. Getting tired and exhausted of these disputes, one of the kings amongst the three – King Holger Alvunger, decided to invite the other two over to his house for dinner, secretively conspiring to poison and kill them. King Holger succeeded in his spiteful stratagem but the public soon found out about his act. Out of furious anger, the people of the state decided to punish the king, however, mindful of his dark fate, he committed suicide. The present day church is the house of King Holger where all the three kings fell to their respective deaths. Since then, it is believed that the premises of the church is possessed by the unresting souls of the kings, and there have been sightings and strange activities reported.


Haunted or not, it is best to visit the church during the day when the chapel is operating as usual.


While planning a visit here, try to come early in the morning and you may be lucky to experience a wonderful event when air force fighter pilots while following a specific flight plan fly right over the church and in such close proximity that you can wave directly at the pilots and they may do a roll to make your day even more ecstatic!


How to get there

The church is located in the town of Chandor which is around 15 km from Colva. You can take a bus from Margao to Colva then proceed towards Chandor to see the church. Or, you can take a direct cab from Margao to the church which will cost you approximately INR350 for a round-trip plus the average waiting time.