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The Tisza River

By Snowyns (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Tisza River
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Have you ever seen a river 'blooming'?

Those who have seen the blooming of Tisza claim that it is a must-see event and it cannot be described nor the picture/camera can convey the real feeling.

The Tisza river starts in Ukraine, it is 977 km long, and it also flows through Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and finally, Serbia, where it empties into the river Danube. Its length in Serbia is 168 km and it is navigable this whole length in Serbia.


There has been built a canal Danube-Tisza-Danube, which is also navigable, but it also has many different usages and is unique as such – for flood control, waste water evaluation, amelioration, hydro technical management…


The river Tisza is famous for its ‘blooming’ which can be seen only in Serbia and Hungary. It happens in Serbia near the town called Novi Bečej and lasts only for 3 hours in the dusk, somewhere in June (the actual day depends on the year, ie. the level and temperature of water). What really happens: the insects called Palingenia longicauda (the Tisza mayfly) whose larvas have spent 3 years in the river come out on the surface to continue the species. On the surface of the Tisza’s water, which they cover completely, they seem like flowers.