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Tito’s Secret Bunkers
Tito’s Secret Bunkers
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A bunker which was turned into an underground town! Amazing!

Starigrad, Croatia

Tito’s secret bunker was built between 1950 and 1953. Considering how big of a project it was and how hard and problematic the realization of it could’ve been, I would say that they finished it in record time! Only 3 years for an atomic bunker? Come on! That’s amazing!


The bunker was built during a dangerous time. The relationship between Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union was tense. Tito thought that since the situation was as it was, it would probably be smart to build an atomic bunker so the main political “players” could hide there if the worst case scenario came to life.


The bunker was off limits to almost everyone until the Croatian war of Independence in 1991. The Croatian military turned it into a warehouse.


Today it’s officially known as the underground town of Paklenica! They turned it into a presentation center for visitors. It also has an artificial rock climbing wall, so the visitors can check their rock climbing talent (or the lack of it). There are various useful and fun facts about rock climbing displayed on the walls. They also have a little station where you can learn and practice knot tying!


The underground town also offers a souvenir shop and a cafe, so you’ll get to spend additional money on some fun things!


This is an awesome place to visit if you’re into rock climbing, but also history. It can be interesting to both kids and grownups!

Opening hours

Open from 1st of May until 30th of September