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Tivoli City Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tivoli City Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia
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  • 5-10 km
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Great park near Ljubljana

Šport Ljubljana
Celovška cesta 25
1000 Ljubljana
Coffee House Čolnarna offers delicious desserts and ice creams.

Tivoli City Park is located just a few steps out of Ljubljana city centre. It represents a small part of a huge Nature Park Tivoli – Rožnik Hill – Šiška Hill and is a great starting point for those nature lovers who want to spend their day hiking in the Ljubljana surroundings.

Tivoli City Park was designed by an engineer Jean Blanchard in 1813 when Ljubljana was the capital of the French Illyrian Provinces. He wanted to joined Tivoli castle and Cekin Mansion with Ljubljana downtown.

Tivoli City Park was later expanded, changed and partially redesigned by different artists. The most famous was Jože Plečnik, who designed the Jakopič Promenade which visually connects the Tivoli Castle to the Ljubljana Castle.
Many intriguing statues and designs can be found in the park. Even after visiting it for many times you will still find something new, some part or some statue you have never seen before.

Park Tivoli Today

Tivoli City Park is worth visiting because of its diverse offer, from various sport activities to secret places for relaxation. It offers a lot of opportunities for families, kids, young and adults to spend a great day here, whether they decide to do some sports, go sightseeing, have an ice cream or enjoy the smell of flowers around them.

Choose from activities like ice skating, golfing, tennis, swimming, playing basketball or try to win a game of mini golf. You can have fun on the snow as well – ice skating and sledding are kids favourites, while adults can enjoy the sightseeing while cross-country skiing across the park.

There are two playgrounds for kids located in the Tivoli City Park, while approximate two hour walk through the park will lead you to the Ljubljana ZOO. It is very popular for picnics in the summer.

The Jakopič Promenade hosts many exhibitions. Museum and two galleries are located near the Park.
Educational routes are made all around park, throughout which visitors can learn about different plants and animal species.

Tivoli Castle
Tivoli Castle represents one of many neoclassical buildings. It was designed by Joseph Rodetzky. Tongueless dog iron statues were made by Anton Dominik Fernikorn. Rumour has it, the sculptor forgot to make the tongues for the statues and when he later realized his mistake, he was so embarrassed that he took his own life.
The castle is now home to the International Center of Graphic Arts Ljubljana.

• Cekin Mansion
The Cekin Mansion is located in the northern edge of Tivoli City Park in Ljubljana. It is now home to the Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia which includes collections from many time periods in Slovenian rich history, and includes collection pieces among them archives, artworks and photographs.

• Tivoli Hall
Tivoli Hall is a multipurpose indoor sport arena next to the Cekin Mansion. The hockey and basketball games are played in it.

• Tivoli Pond
Located in the southwestern end of Tivoli City Park in Ljubljana, it is man-made and it was created in 1880. It is home to many native and non-native animal species. It is very shallow and it is not suitable for swimming. Next to the pond is a beautiful cafe house Čolnarna (The Boat House), named after the boat rental house that used to be here.
Next to the pond is a children playground named Children’s Paradise, designed by architect Boris Kobe in 1943.

• Greenhouse
Close to the pond is the Greenhouse and rose garden, which are a part of the Ljubljana’s Botanical garden. Here, you can enjoy in the smells of more than 160 different roses, among them the Prešern rose, named after the most famous Slovenian poet.

How to get there

The best way to the Tivoli Park is to walk from the Ljubljana centre. Take a Čopova street from the Prešernov square and then turn on the Cankarjeva road, which will lead you directly to the Jakopičeva promenade in the Tivoli park. You can arrive by car from the Celovška road. A big parking lot is located in the park. By bus: take a bus number 1 or 8 and exit on the bus station Tivoli.