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Tortureum Zagreb

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This museum is not for the faint of heart!

Tkalčićeva 13, 1st floor, Zagreb, Croatia or Radićeva 14, 1st floor, Zagreb, Croatia (the Museum has two entrances)

Tortureum is a torture museum, so you can see the smart little meaning behind its name. This museum has many interesting objects, they say that they have at least 70 full-scale torturing devices on display.


This museum is definitely not for the faint of heart. While you’ll be walking amongst these instruments of torture, an eerie feeling will follow you since you’ll be walking in semi-darkness, and they even have some sound effects as well to help bring the whole experience to a new level. There are also some audio and video contents to help you understand how these instruments worked and how/for what they would use it. Also, if you’re a lover of the dark, there is a chamber there where you can spend a minute in complete darkness, just so you could experience how scary it is to be left alone with your thoughts, not knowing what’s waiting for you in the future.


This museum is excellent if you want to know a bit more about certain parts of history and if you want to expand your knowledge! It’s a bit scary, but it’s excellent for learning.


There are four different types of tickets, there’s the standrad one (5.20€), the family one (13.10€), student tickets (4.00€) and group tickets ($4.00€). They also offer a multimedia guide which is free but you’ll have to pay 1.30€ for the earphones for it, but you can pay 15.00€ for a guided tour!

Opening hours

Every day from 11am till 7pm.