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Triglav Mountain

Photo credit: chripell / Foter / CC BY-SA
Triglav Mountain
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Slovenia's highest mountain

Triglav (“three peaks”), considered the symbol of Slovenia, is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps with an elevation of 2,864 meters. It is located in the National Park of the same name. Triglav acts as the symbol of Slovenia and in fact, it is depicted in its coat of arms.


Many important Slovenian landmarks are located on the mountain, including the Aljaz Tower, a metal structure located at the top of the mountain. Next up in the landmark list is the Stanic Shelter, located almost at the top of Triglav, with a room of 16 standing people. The next and most impressive is the Triglav Glacier, that covers 1 to 3 hectares but used to cover over 40 during its glory days.


When you reach the peak, you’ll be able to see the Aljaz Tower. Inside the Aljaz Tower, there is a rope used to “spank” first-timers in the butt twice as a way of “baptism”. So if you are lucky enough to experience the hike up with Slovenians, be prepared to feel a bit of pain when you reach the top. Actually, a bit is not the write description… trust me, it hurts. A lot.


There is also the option to stamp your passport your hand or anything as proof that you reached the peak.


Ascending to the top is not for everyone. The “easy” trail takes about nine hours and you can still be assured that your muscles will hurt a lot the next few days.


Triglav’s first ascent was done on August 26, 1778, by four men.


Triglav is also famous in Slovenian folk tales, the most famous ones tell about a hunter in search of a treasure guarded by Zlatorog, a chamois buck with golden horns.