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Trinity Square in Budapest

Photo credit: nimdok / Foter / CC BY-ND
Trinity Square in Budapest
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A square home to Trinity Column, built to protect the citizens from another plague

Trinity Square is located in the Buda Castle District. Located here is the Trinity Column, built in the 18th by Philipp Ungleich to celebrate the end of the plague with the hope that it would protect the citizens from another epidemic.


The Old Town Hall is also located in the square, which served as the town hall of Buda for almost two hundred years until 1873 before Buda and other towns became what is now the city of Budapest.


Up next in the square is the Hungarian Culture Foundation, built not long ago to be used for hosting events, exhibitions, conferences and more.


And last but not least is the gorgeous Matthias Church, a striking Roman Catholic Church from the 14th century that homes a museum with important relics and royal jewels and is also the tomb for Hungarian royals.