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The oldest Marian shrine in Croatia

Frankopanski trg 12, 51000, Rijeka, Croatia
Lots of restaurants in nearby streets with local and international cuisine, pizza, fast food

According to local tradition and written chronicles on Trsat hill on 10 May, 1291, in a miraculous way, from Nazareth arrived house of birthplace of the Blessed Virgin Mary. At this location the house stayed for three years and in equally miraculously way came to the Italian town of Loreto (10 December 1294) where today is still located. This event so impressed the local people, they immediately began a pilgrimage to Trsat hill, part of city of Rijeka.
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Trsat is the oldest Croatian sanctuary and destination of many pilgrims from home and abroad. It houses the miraculous image of Mary. There is also the Franciscan monastery and the Votive Chapel, while in the front of the church is a statue of Pope John Paul II who visited Trsat during his 100th pilgrimage visit outside Italy.

Opening hours

6.30 - 19.30 every day

How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Rijeka, exit Rijeka. Trsat is suburb of Rijeka some kilometres after exit Rijeka.