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Tsarevets Fortress

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A medieval fortress, located on the lovely hill of Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo

Tsarevets was the main fortress of the capital of the Second Bulgarian kingdom (1185 – 1393) – Veliko Tarnovo and had significant importance through history.


The main entrance of the forest is from the west. It consisted of three gates, defended by towers. During your exciting tourist visit you will enter the fortress exactly through the main entrance.


Right from the entrance you will find the Baldwin tower. It carries the name of a Latin emperor who, according to the legends, was captivated by the Bulgarian king Kaloyan and then imprisoned in the tower. Here you will feel the atmosphere of the inevitable fate which is often merciless.


In the Tsarevets fortress complex you will find also the Palace of the Bulgarian kings, which was constructed by the founders of the Second Bulgarian kingdom – Asen and Petar. The palace occupies an area of 4872 square meters.


On highest point of the Tsarevets hill is located the beautiful Residence of the Bulgarian patriarchs.


The Tsarevets palace is a lovely place and it becomes simply fascinating during the show ‘Sound and light’. It is being organized on request of groups of minimum 30 people. If you are lucky, you will be able to see this incredible performance.


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  • Tsarevets Fortress
Tsarevets Fortress