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Twin Waterfalls of Kinchxa

Photo credit: Ale-777
Twin Waterfalls of Kinchxa
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Wonderful waterfalls in the heart of Georgia

You can see the waterfalls free of charge

Khoni Region in the Imereti part of Georgia is very interesting from the touristic point of view. However, if you think you can find lots of historical places here, it’s not true. This region is mostly known for its natural beauty and unique places. One of such sights is tightly connected with the Okatse river.


The Okatse river originates in the wild and incredibly beautiful Askhi plateau, 2200 meters above the sea level. It is born deep inside the rocks. The river’s way down lies through the two canyons. The upper one is situated near the village called Kinchxa. There are high sheer cliffs right beside this settlement. Tourists come here to see the “twin” waterfalls. One of them falls from the height of about 100 meters and creates a nice lake with the light blue clear water. The bottom of this lake is full of white stones. The other waterfall is a bit lower and creates rapids down at the base of the cliff. This stunning view is definitely well worth seeing.


In fact, in winter and spring, when there are lots of rains or the snow is melting high up in the mountains, you can see how the two waterfalls turn into 4 or even 6. All of them are identical – like twin brothers situated several dozen meters apart from one another. That’s why they got such a name from the local people.


Even several centuries ago this place with two waterfalls was well known among locals. The Georgian princes even used the lake near the rocks as a water resort, which was considered to be very good for the health. Princes ordered to build stone bath houses here. Unfortunately, now you can see only their remnants, as Georgia has been a place of battles throughout its long history, and the baths were demolished.


This place with the waterfalls is considered to be the Upper cascade of the Okatse river. The Lower cascade starts with the Okatse canyon. The nature here is beautiful and breathtaking at any time of the year. In winter there are predominantly brown and grey colors – but in summer the cascades are full of different shades of green with the blue river irresistibly running down to the plain. Local people also tell that the river is good for fishing. Sometimes even trout comes here, and you can catch it with bare hands!


Those who love extreme tourism can also try to get to the Askhi plateau. It is mostly possible only in nice weather. In fact, not so many people try to get there, that’s why there are almost no photos of this place. It is just known that the plateau has the form of a drop and it is surrounded by the semicircle of mountains.

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