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Uhlovitsa Cave

Uhlovitsa Cave
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 2 hours

An incredibly beatiful cave in the Rodopi Mountains

Uhlovitsa Cave is an extremely beautiful cave in the western part of the Rodopi Mountain. The cave was discovered in 1969-1969. A total of 330 meters of it are accommodated for visits.


The cave is located at an altitude of 1040 meters. To reach it, you will have to walk about half an hour and go through hundreds of steps. It is exhausting and at the end of this route you will probably doubt whether it was worth it. But when you see the cave – you will simply know it was.


Keep in mind that the medium temperature in the cave is 10 °C and you need to have something warm to put on. If it is a warm day, you will get wet for sure while you are climbing the stairs to the cave and then you will enter it and you will get cold. The best idea is to bring a t-shirt and a jacket.


Uhlovitsa Cave has a few floors. There are 7 lakes on the lowest one and they fill with water in spring. The view towards them is amazing. The stone waterfall, which sparkles in white is also extremely beautiful.


This cave is the home to 8 bat species and they inhabit it during different seasons. Five of them are considered endangered species for the whole European continent. From the middle of August to the end of September, there are large groups of male and female bats here. In winter, between 50 and 150 bats use the cave as a shelter. Because of the importance of the cave for all of these bats, you will see a picture of a bat on the entrance.


For your visit of Uhlovitsa Cave, you will need warm clothes, solid shoes and a bottle of water.

Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday
10:00 - 16:00.

How to get there

The cave is located in the municipality of Smolyan and 3km northeast from the village of Mogilitsa. After you reach the parking, there is a walking route to the cave.

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  • Uhlovitsa Cave
Uhlovitsa Cave