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An amazing place with a great variety of music!

Dobrilina 2, 52102 Pula, Croatia

Uljanik is known for something else than its party scene these days. If you ‘Google’ Uljanik, you will definitely see something political about it, but we’re not here to talk about that because this club has nothing to do with politics (just putting it out there in order to clear this up for you).

Club Uljanik is a main scene for people who like to party. It’s one of the oldest clubs, they opened it in 1965 in Pula and it’s still really famous, but not without a good reason. It’s known for its amazing parties and positive vibe.


The club has a small and a big hall. In the small one they play rock music (English as well as Croatian). The big hall has something else for you! Dance and electro are the main genres in that one. This place is perfect for both young and older people, everyone will find something they will enjoy! If you’re lucky enough you might be able to listen to some great live music!


This is a great place but be aware; some people say that the waiters sometimes get you the wrong order and they make you pay anyway.

All in all, Club Uljanik has so many things to offer, but no one can be completely perfect, right?