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Universiada Hall
Universiada Hall
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A multifunctional hall for concerts and other events

‘Universiada’ is a multifunctional hall with a capacity of the main hall 2300 seats. The building is comprised of three halls, each with a different function. The main hall is really suitable for sports competitions, music concerts, congresses and others.


‘East’ hall has a capacity of 500 seats and here conferences, trainings and other business events; cocktails, exhibitions and others take place.


‘South’ hall is the one that you will need for trainings and press conferences. Here you will find multimedia, a screen and other equipment to help you present your ideas and the necessary information. The hall has a capacity of 25 people.


The Universiada Hall was built in 1961 for hosting the World Student Summer Games. In the last decades, it was a stage for exciting concerts like the one of Ice Cube in 2009 and interesting sports events. The building has the typical architectural style from those years – it is solid but not beautiful. However, it is about the events, not the appearance of the hall that make it interesting to visit.


There are 50 parking lots around the hall, so it might be necessary to look for somewhere else to park, if there is a big event in the hall like a concert or sports competition.


Sometimes, the hall hosts interesting trade events and it becomes a nice place for shopping and buying quality goods.

How to get there

You can go by car or by public transport, e.g. tram №20, which can be taken from the center of the city. There are bus and tram stops near the hall.