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Uzice Fortress

Photo credit: Predrag Supurovic / Foter / CC BY
Uzice Fortress
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The medieval fortress above the town of Uzice

31000 Uzice

Uzice Fortress or Stari Grad Uzice (Old town of Uzice) is a medieval fortress built probably in the second half of the fourteenth century. The purpose of the fortress was defending the town Uzice and a caravan route which linked the Morava valley with Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Adriatic coastline, in the first place with Dubrovnik Republic.
It is located on a high rocky ridge above the Djetina river. During the period of medieval warfare the fortress in Uzice was almost impregnable. It consisted of three different parts of altitude: the citadel on top of with the main tower, middletown and the lower town with the water tower. This defense system was connected by walls and towers. The base of the fortress was semicircular, with 25 meters high walls and divided into eight floors.
Today is possible to see the remains of walls, towers and buildings. It is one of the tourist attractions of the city Uzice. During the summer here is placed improvised theater with performances and shows.
Former stone walls are covered with tiny plants and it is difficult to figure out what kind of city once upon a time was there.

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By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Uzice