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A charming rural town in the Tramuntana mountains

Valldemossa, Islas Baleares, Mallorca, Spain
Have a typical 'Coca de Patata' at the Café Can Molinas.

Go for a delicious artisan ice-cream at Gelatti Mossa, close to the Real Cartuja.
Sunday is market day in Valldemossa, it is only a small market but it brings a nice atmosphere to the village and you can buy artisan food products.

The charming village Valldemossa is considered as one of the prettiest villages on Majorca. It is situated in the Tramuntana mountain range at only 18 kilometers from Palma de Mallorca. The mild and pleasant climate during summer makes it a nice day trip away from the sticky capital and the hot beaches. The traditional town is a perfect destination for a cultural visit, but also outdoor lovers will enjoy the green countryside and never ending hiking possibilities.


According to written records, the name Valldemossa derives from an arabic governor called Musa, who owned a manor in the region – Musa valley. The village Valldemossa got famous when the Polish composer Frederic Chopin arrived with his lover, the French author Aurore Dupin, better known under her alias George Sand. The arrived in the winter of 1838-39, a date which can be considered as the start of tourism in Valldemossa. The couple stayed at the ‘Real Cartuja de Valldemossa’, a 13th century Carthusian monastery which is nowadays flocked by many tourists.


The ‘Real Cartuja’ is converted into a museum and of course, you can also visit cell number 4, the cell in which Chopin and his lover Geroge Sand stayed in. The monastery is definitely one of most important sights in Valldemossa. You can already see it from far, with its turquoise-green and shining roof on top of the white-walled bell tower. Close to the monastery you will also find a Chopin bust and a charming little park, where you can relax in the shade. However, Valldemossa has much more more to offer and the small, pittoresque villages is an attraction on its own. Despite the busloads of tourists which invade the village during the day, Valldemossa could conserve its traditional charm and rustic, mediterranean atmosphere.


The village is full of narrow cobblestone streets, in which you can easily lose yourself. Old blonde stone houses line both sides of the streets. Green plants and colourful flowers decorate the streets and adorn the houses, hanging from the walls in beautifully coloured pots. Furthermore, each doorway features the religious, ceramic symbol of the saint Catalina Thomàs, Majorca’s only patron saint, which protects the houses from harm. Her birthplace can be found at Carrer de la Rectoria 5, nowadays the place has been turned into a small shrine.


The lovely streets in the center are lined with charming cafés, little souvenir shops, nice restaurants and many galleries. You should enter one of the still family run bakeries and try a ‘coca de patata’, which literally translates to ‘potato bread’ as it is made up of potato dough. This sweet bun is traditionally accompanied by a coffee or a typical thick hot chocolate.


You will also find the cultural center ‘Costa Nord’ in Valldemossa, a foundation for Sustainable Development on the Balearic Island, initiated by the famous american actor Michael Douglas. The center gives information about the nature of the Tramuntana mountain and offers regular cultural events. Valldemossa is surrounded by lush nature and green hills of the Tramuntana mountain. This also invites for lovely hikes and small walks around the area. You will get impressed by panoramic views over Majorca’s cliff line at the west or stunning views towards the capital Palma de Mallorca and its beaches.

How to get there

You can take the bus L210 from the main bus terminal in Palma de Mallorca

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