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Valle de Bravo

Photo credit: Guillermo VA / Foter / CC BY
Valle de Bravo
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A popular weekend getaway village for Mexico's City affluent class

Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Valle de Bravo is a charming little village located in the State of Mexico roughly 150 kilometers away from Mexico City. Due to its proximity to the country’s capital city, Valle De Bravo, commonly referred to as “Valle” is a place where Mexico City’s upper class often chooses to purchase a weekend hacienda.

The haciendas are anything but common; they often have huge gardens with a pool and jacuzzi for them to relax and they are usually built and decorated in a Contemporary Mexican style.

Aside from spending the weekend relaxing in their haciendas, the village also has a huge lake surrounded by lush mountains where people go fishing, sailing and practice other water sports. Visitors can also enjoy hang gliding  to get a panoramic view of the lake and it’s surrounding landscape. The mountains are perfect for hiking and cycling as well. Two jaw-droppingly beautiful waterfalls, Cascada Velo de Novia and Cascada Río Molino adorn the landscape as well.

The night life in Valle de Bravo doesn’t fall far behind its daytime activities; a myriad of bars are located near the main square, where you can enjoy a cerveza or a cuba libre (rum and coke).

Food-wise, Valle de Bravo is know to have the best churros in Mexico available in a variety of flavours. Local dishes are offered in every restaurant and the main ingredient in them are Rainbow trouts; If you’re a vegetarian, options abund too as several mushrooms and zetas are found easily in the area, making it a popular ingredient as well.

The crafts market is pretty lush too; located in a beautiful two-story building with a garden in the center only five blocks away from Valle de Bravo’s main square. Each stall offers a variety of Mexican crafts that are made by indigenous locals in Valle de Bravo.

Come to Valle de Bravo to experience a truly relaxing and hassle-free weekend; hotels and cabins abound and will always be ready to welcome you.