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Varna Dolphinarium
Varna Dolphinarium
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A dolphinarium where you can see an incredible dolphin show

This is one of the most interesting and enchanting places in the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. You will see an incredible show here and will understand why dolphins are considered to be extremely intelligent creatures.


The Dolphinarium is located in the northern part of the Marine garden in Varna. It is the only attraction of this type in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. It has 1200 seats and its pool has measures 12×15 meters and a has a depth of 6 meters. It is filled with marine water from the Black Sea. The dolphinarium was opened on 11.08.1984 and is one of the symbols of Varna and Bulgaria.


The first inhabitants of the dolphinarium here arrived in 1984 from a Cuban dolphinarium. Today, there are 5 funny, intelligent and really cute dolphins here – Dolly, Poppy, Kimbo, Yoana and Bimbo. The last two were born in the dolphinarium despite the statements that it is extremely hard for a dolphin to give birth in an artificial environment.


During the dolphin show, you will see incredible performances by the dolphins and their trainers. You will enjoy the impressive jumps of the dolphins, their singing, dancing, ball tricks and many others. The dolphins absolutely enjoy the applauses of the audience and make a true show to deserve them.


In the dolphinarium, you can also enjoy another attraction – to swim with the dolphins! You will now perform the role of the trainer and the dolphins will do the tricks, shown by you. The feeling is incredible, you just need to relax, have fun and follow the instructions given by the real trainers. This is a group activity and there will be a maximum of 4 other enthusiasts like you. For this attraction, you need to be able to swim at least a little, although you will have a protective vest.


You need to pay an additional fee for taking photos during the show. If you decide to swim with the dolphins, there will be a photographer so your unique experience will be shot. Then you will be able to choose and buy one or more of the photos.


The Varna Festa dolphinarium is a must-see place at the Bulgarian seaside, even if you are not a passionate animal lover. This is also a wonderful family attraction because all members will enjoy their time here regardless of their age!


Opening hours

The shows have a different schedule, according to the season. You can check it here

How to get there

You need to reach the northern part of the Marine garden in Varna.