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Village Jeravna
Village Jeravna
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Village Jeravna

Zheravna, Slivensko 8988
Bread, pastries and barbecue are a must

For many people, holiday means relax. I guarantee you that I had never been to more relaxed and laid back place than the town of Jeravna. Here the time had stopped couple of years ago and everything looks old and spectacular. Locals are enjoying a relaxing type of life. There are always happy to welcome tourists from all over the world. Jeravna is situated in the center of Bulgaria in the Kotel region, a bit away from the major Bulgarian cities. Jeravna is also a mountain town, that is located on 640 meters above the sea level. The village became popular in the 17th century. The closest big city next to Jeravna is the city of Sliven. Sliven is only 50 kilometers away from Jeravna. The other big cities of Bulgaria are a bit away but are still on a reachable distance. Sofia is 300 kilometers away, Varna is 180 kilometers and Bourgas is only 100 kilometers away. This is why the place is not full with tourists on a daily basis. Still the road that takes to Jeravna is fairly good and people can travel safely.

The village has around 300 houses and less than 500 inhabitans. Most houses are ages old, others are brand new but still built in the ancient style of the town. You might think that houses in Jeravna are cheap, but you will be totally wrong. Only really rich and wealthy people can afford to own a house in Jeravna. There are two types of owners in Jeravna, either locals that used to own the house since forever or rich people that bought the property for few thousand hundread levs. There is a fascinating church in the middle of the town, which is a must for every tourist. The area is full with local restuarants, hotels, souvenir shops, museums and coffee shops. Make sure to try everything that is locally made. The barbecue that is made in Jeravna is one of the best in central Bulgaria. Locals say that even if you are a vegetarian you will still try the local barbecue. The coffee shops offer amazing variety of coffee, tea and sweet things. Just enter the shop and choose from the delicious pastries. Make sure also to go in the souvenir shops and buy some souvenirs. For example the magnets from Jeravna are amazing and will perfectly fit the front side of your fridge. In the beginning of the town you can buy some of the local bread. Through out the town you can enter various craftsmen stores and buy locally made items.

Go to Jeravna if you want to teleport yourself to the past. See how the people from the past used to live and see how little we need to live happy. Many toursits had a hard time leaving the village and returning to the busy society. Jeravna is a place for relaxation and quietness. Buy some coffee, sit down outside of the coffee story and transfer yourself to the old ages. You will thank me later for this wonderful experience.

How to get there

Jeravna is situated in central Bulgaria. The easiest way to get to Jeravna is from the city of Sliven.