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Roman city and legionary fort

Arheoloski park Viminacium, 12208 Stari Kostolac BB
Within archaelogical park there is a tavern where you can hava a drink. It is also possible to taste Roman specialities, but you have to order it minimum 3 days in advance.
Entrance ticket is 250 dinars (approx. 2 eur/ 2.30 usd)

Viminacium is an archaeological site near village Stari Kostolac, 12 km from town Pozarevac. It was a Roman military camp, founded in the 1st century AD. Beside the camp, over the years the civil settlement was developed. The town even got the status of municipium and existed until the beginning of the 7th century.
It was one of the most important legion camps on the Danube, and for a while the capital of the Roman province of Upper Moesia (Moesia Superior), which occupied the larger part of Serbia, northern Macedonia and a part of northwestern Bulgaria.
Extensive archaeological research started when some artifacts from Roman times were found during digging the foundations for the thermal power plant in 1977.
Further excavations discovered rich and significant archaeological material. Squares, streets, temples, theater, Thermae, necropolis, sculptures, coins, jewelry and many more were found in Viminacium. Also a mausoleum has been excavated. It is assumed that is the tomb of Emperor Hostilian, son of Emperor Trajan Decius.
Because of the importance of the site, Viminacium is proclaimed for an archaeological park. One Roman villa is reconstructed and used for accommodation and as a working area by the scientists who research the site and organize various events with the aim of promoting Viminacium.

Opening hours

Summer-time: 09:00 - 18:00 h Winter-time: 09:00 - 16:00 h

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Pozarevac and by road to Pozarevac-Stari Kostolac