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Vrsac Mountains

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Vrsac Mountains
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Major tourist and excursion destination in Vrsac Region

Trg Pobede 1, 26300 Vrsac

The Vršac mountains are situated in Vojvodina and represent the highest mountain range in Vojvodina – the peak of Gudurički Vrh is 641 m above sea-level.
A large part of the these mountains were declared as a nature park since 1000 plant species were found in this area; some of them are endemic and rare species, which only grow here in Vojvodina. The vegetation of the Vršač mountains consists of 17 woodland and numerous meadow communities. The most common trees are oak, lime, acacia, beech, maple and black pine.
The animal life is also very diverse. There are the approximately 130 species of birds; mammals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, wolf, fox, wildcat etc.
Among the most significant cultural monument are the remains of the medieval fortification from the 14th century – Vrsac Tower and the Mesić monastery from the 16th century.

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By road Belgrade-Pancevo-Alibunar-Vrsac