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Warsaw Railway Museum

Warsaw Railway Museum
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One of the most interesting museums in Warsaw

ul.Towarowa 1 00-811 Warszawa

Warsaw Railway Museum (Muzeum Kolejnictwa) is one of the most interesting museums in Warsaw. Even if you are not very interested in railways, it is definitely worth visiting. From the outside this building does not look very impressive. In fact, the museum is located inside the old Main Railway Station of the city.


Actually, the history if this place as a railroad node dates back to 1875. It was working till 1997, until it was completely turned into a museum. When you enter this place, you see marvelous inside galleries. The most striking things here are the numerous models of different trains, locomotives, carriages and so on. They are made in different sizes, all 100% realistic, each representing some historical machine.


The inside galleries also feature railroad equipment (all those instruments, semaphores, station clocks), uniforms from different times, banners and pictures of historical trains and stations from various parts of the country. All these, especially the hand-made models, make you want to look carefully at each and wonder how long it takes to create such masterpieces.


When you have examined everything, it’s time to find the small door leading outside. Step out of the galleries, breathe fresh air and have a look at the impressive collection of the historic rolling stock. You will find more than 30 different exhibits there, including steam, diesel and electric locomotives, passenger and freight trains. There is even the Europe’s only completely preserved armored train!


The museum also houses the library with lots of books about Polish railways for those who are interested in the topic. The entrance price is 12 PLN. Budget tourists can easily access the museum free of charge every Monday.


Opening hours

09:00 - 16:00

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Warsaw Railway Museum