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Wild Lake in Idrija

Photo credit: Ziga
Wild Lake in Idrija
  • (worth a detour)
  • 5-10 km
  • Easy
  • Free
  • 3 hours
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Mysterious lake in Geopark idrija

Do not visit Wild Lake after the rain, as most of the area is flooded.

Around two kilometers from the city of Idria lies this mysterious Wild Lake with unexpected depth and with weird little creatures living in it. The peaceful emerald water gives it a lovely look, but the lake hides many mysteries.


Divers have reached a depth of 160 meters and came across many interesting discoveries, among them the endemic Protesu Anguinus (The Human Fish).


The flora and fauna around the Wild Lake are also worth your attention. Unique plants have been found here due to the rare combination of the mountains surrounding the lake and frequent floods that happen during heavy rain season. Even some flowers from the Ice Age can be found and also the endemic Slovenia plant Primula Carniolica (which blossoms in the second half of April).


Real nature lowers should not miss out on this place as it is really a great attraction that will impress you.


Opening hours


How to get there

Walk along the Rake water canal and the arranged trail will lead you right to the Wild Lake.