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Wroclaw Central Station

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  • 2 hours

Perhaps the most beautiful train station in Poland.

ul. Piłsudskiego 105, 50-085 Wrocław
On-site bars Bocadillo and Tradycja, coffeehouses Starbucks and Coffee Heaven, as well as restaurants McDonald's and KFC offer unforgettable atmosphere, combining their brand designs with the elegant features of the 19th century.

As a rule, city central stations are just another type of public transport facilities, they are not interesting or special. However, the central train station in Wroclaw is the worthy place to visit even if you arrived here not by train.


This building was constructed back in 1857. Being almost 160 years old, it fascinates every visitor. Luckily, it remained untouched during the two wars, and now it looks almost the same like it was after construction. Actually, it does not resemble a train station. Moreover, its Neo-Gothic architecture makes it look like a palace. And a square in front of the building, with a fountain, lawns and benches only strengthens that feeling. But that is only half of impression from this architectural masterpiece.


People who walk inside are immediately immersed in the old, fairy-tale atmosphere. This train station preserved all the architectural elements of the original interior design. What is more, polish people managed to combine it with the modern facilities, like digital displays of arrivals and departures, elevators, ticket machines and so on.


What is most important, they did it with such skill and creativity that all the modern elements do not look weird and alien in this interior. On the contrary, the old and the modern complement each other in the striking, captivating way. You cannot help feeling a character of some old book about traveling and adventures.


Here, even the modern network restaurants like KFC and Starbucks had to adjust their looks to the local historical design. You will feel a bit strange drinking your coffee in a place which resembles some 19-century living room – and the well-known coffeehouse at the same time.


To crown it all, this station is the first place where you get acquainted with the Wroclaw dwarfs – small unique sculptures of fairy dwarfs scattered around the town. It seems that legends of Wroclaw, so numerous and enchanting, start here.

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