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Wutach Gorge

Photo credit: a.froese / Foter / CC BY-SA
Wutach Gorge
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A deep gorge in the Black Forest

Drive: In the south-east of the Black Forest, it is reached via the B 31 Freiburg-Donaueschingen Highway

Located in the south-east part of the Black Forest, Wutach Gorge is approximately 30 kilometers long and 200 meetrs deep. The gorge was created after a river diversion during the Ice Age. Originally, Wutach flowed into the Danube River and later diverted to the Rhine. The flood water from Feldber’s melting glacier and the slope which caused the massive erosion resulted in the creation of the gap.


A variety of amazing flora and fauna can be found in the area – over 1,200 types of flowers and ferns, 590 kinds of butterflies, and 1400 species of bugs.


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