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Zagreb Funicular

Photo credit: Jorge Lascar via / CC BY
Zagreb Funicular
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It's a short ride, but it's definitely worth it!

Zagreb, Croatia (Tomićeva Street-Lotršćak Tower)

The Zagreb Funicular is an absolute legend in the city, everyone knows about it, everyone loves it and everyone will recommend it to you.


It was built in 1890 and throughout its history it had its ups and downs, but today it runs without any problems or complications. There are two carts, each can carry approximately 28 passengers and it can cross the distance (Tomićeva Street – Lotršćak Tower) in around one minute. The rides are 10 minutes apart, they are rarely late!


The Zagreb Funicular is also known as the safest way of transportation in the city and it’s also known as a monument of culture, therefore it’s protected!


They also offer an urgency ride which costs around 3€, while a “normal” ride costs around 0.50€. You can see, it’s not a lot of money for something so special! The ride for small children (up to the age of 7) have a free pass.


The funicular operates every day from 06:30 till 22:00.

Opening hours

Every day from 06:30 till 22:00